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    L0046 17/09/2020

    I found coming here such a relief and change in my life with regards my ongoing back pains. The staff here are so kind and thoughtful and really do know what they are talking about. I have been coming here for over a year now and look forward to keeping coming as long as required.

    L0030 31/07/2018

    I received acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatment from Dr Shi prior to and during my second pregnancy. I truly believe Dr Shi’s treatments have helped me experience a much smoother and straightforward pregnancy and birth this time around. I was also ill a lot with my first pregnancy; Dr Shi’s treatments helped strengthen my immune system significantly and I was able to enjoy the pregnancy more as a result.

    Dr Shi is professional, kind and caring and I cannot recommend her enough. I continue to see Dr Shi for my general health and my family now sees her too.

    Thank you, Dr Shi, for making such a positive difference in our lives!

    M0050 31/05/2018

    I popped in to see Ling over a year ago about my hormone imbalance and severe mood swings (coupled with acne).

    She gave me a full consultation then and there, preempting other symptons I was having and outlining how she could help. I felt like she knew what I was going through better than I did- her training and experience were evident and she was able to give me numerous examples and references to countless other women she has helped in the same situation…

    After just a month of treatment I felt so much better in myself, sleeping, eating and exercising with a clearer mind and clearer skin. People were commenting on how radiant I looked- I put it all down to Ling’s magic.

    My treatment was bespoke to my needs and hit the spot (including medicine, heat therapy, acupunture and massage). All the while, Ling explained how everything worked and why she was doing what she was doing so I had a clear understanding of how I keep up the good work at home. Moreover Ling was flexible and happily fit in to my hectic schedule.

    Having tried numerous approaches-doctors, hypnotherapists, dermatologists, other acupuncturists and being really disciplined with my lifestyle and not seen much change- I was at the end of my tether when I met Ling. Her treatment has improved my energy levels and general vitality all round. I now feel like the best version of myself- all thanks to Ling!

    I travel 30mins to see her- and have recommended my mum pays a visit when she’s over from her home in Holland- Ling is THAT good!

    I will continue to see Ling as I hope to start a family soon- I have never known relaxation like it- moreover her unique facials are proving to be a God send in the run up to my wedding this summer.

    If you are serious about deep body and spiritual well being- Ling is worth a visit!

    G0028 31/05/2018

    I came to see Dr Shi with numbness in my hands, feet and body. I have had a bad lower back with body & leg pains for a few years, but the numbness came on suddenly a few weeks ago. I felt awful and my Doctor was unsympathetic – telling me it was probably just anxiety and that they would do blood tests to rule out anything serious – but basically I should relax! The blood tests thankfully came back ok but I was left with no advice and a numb body and extremities!

    I came to see Dr Shi to enquire about acupuncture – and she was far more understanding than my Doctor. After 5 sessions of massage, acupuncture, cupping and daily herbs – I feel remarkably better and the numbness has gone from my feet and body and my hands are massively improved. I have more sessions to do but I’m confident that my hands will be fine soon too.

    Dr Shi explained that my aches and pains were due to Toxins and blockages in my system – and her work to remove them is definitely working. I have a lot more energy and I feel as though I am finally getting better.

    I’m so glad that I took a chance on acupuncture and I would definitely recommend Dr Shi.

    C0018 28/05/2018
    After many months of failed attempts to cure my knee of fluid build up and pain Dr Shi treated me for a couple of weeks with amazing results, I cannot recommend enough, Thank you.
    Ajitesh 18/08/2017
    I came to see Dr Shi with nerve pains in my neck and arm. Previously nothing had shown up on MRI scans, initially I was very sceptical about acupuncture after she carefully explained how acupuncture works, she undertook a few sessions of acupuncture and massage and gradually the pain subsides and strength came back into my arm. I would highly recommend Dr Shi especially if other forms of treatment like physiotherapist or osteopathy have not worked. I have been so impressed my wife now sees her and she is also equally impressed. Thanks Ajitesh
    Emily 28/07/2017
    I cannot recommend Dr Xiangling Shi highly enough. I have been receiving a combination of treatments for weight loss and a build up of toxins from work related stress for around a month now which has included massage, acupuncture, cupping and herbal remedies. I initially started the treatment in the aim of improving my general wellbeing and in the hope of losing a little weight along the way. I have been surprised by the results.
    Not only do I feel much less stressed and generally better in my body, but, to my surprise, I lost half a stone in 3 weeks (going from 12 1/2 stone to 12). I have tried various things to lose weight in the past and none of them have worked particularly well so I was really surprised that Dr Shi’s treatment worked so well and so quickly! I feel so much better in myself!
    Further to this, a few weeks ago I ended up getting a chest infection. I had a nasty cough that was lingering. Dr Shi gave me some herbal medicine to help my cough. I had had the cough for weeks, but have been taking the medicine Dr Shi gave me for only 3 days now and the cough is almost completely gone.
    Dr Shi is caring, diligent and professional. Even though I have only been seeing her for a month, I already trust her far more than my GP. I have  been recommending her to all of my friends!
    Thank you for all your help Dr Shi. I am so happy to have found you.
    Liz 16/01/2017
    I cannot recommend Dr. XiangLing Shi enough, my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for a while now, being told by conventional doctors that we would need IVF we decided to try an alternative medicine. We both booked in for Acupuncture, Cupping, Massage and Herbal Medicine on a 3 week course. After the 3 week course we found out we were having a baby. We felt more relaxed, detoxed and much cleaner in health after the treatment and we were looked after very well. We always recommend Dr. XiangLing Shi to all our clients and friends and we continue to see her. Thanks again.
    Annabel 09/09/2016
    I decided to get some accupuncture done because I was always suffering with a lot of knots in my back which would end up being uncomfortable & iritating. I’m a highly active person & my body health is really important to me, I had tried deep tissue massage & other types of massage but nothing really got the knots out. I decided to go to Wellbeing because I’d walked passed & thought it looked nice. Dr Shi has been great, really nice & knows her stuff!. She has really helped my back! Even just after the first session I noticed a difference, the accupuncture along with cupping & massage has really worked for me! I’m so active with my body & as long as I get a session with Dr Shi in fairly regular my back stay’s great! Really recommend her & getting accupuncture!
    Blažena 09/04/2016
    Hi, I´m working as a carer and I need to be fit for my work and I also want to enjoy my life. Sometimes I suffer from back pain and Dr. Shi is always willing to help me. Her accupuncture and massage make me feel better almost immediatelly. To be honest since I have met Dr. Shi I don´t see western doctors. If I have some health issue, I always ask her first. I really trust her. And I like her smiley face. I can highly recomend Dr.Shi and I wish her good health, too.
    Petra S 24/03/2016
    I came to Dr Shi with a problem of very heavy and prolonged menstrual periods caused by Uterine Myoma and Polyps that was depleting my energy and strength. After 4 months of acupuncture, TDP heating therapy and herbal therapy my body regained balance and I have now regular and normal menstruation. I am very grateful to Dr Shi for her help as I feel strong again to return back to my active life. Thank you.
    Fiona 17/01/2016
    I have been treated for 2 ailments, using herbs, acupuncture and massage. My issues were gum problems and a numb hand linked to shoulder and neck issues. Both cleared up. Also at least 3 other work colleagues have had full healings from their back, leg, and wrist problems and an improvement in a tinnitus issue. I highly recommend Dr Shi; she is kind, professional, with a deep and widespread knowledge and experience not to mention magic hands in her massages!
    Tammy 15/12/2015
    The first time I went to see DR Shi was on the 21st of October, at first I was using some creams that my GP had given me, but sadly that didn’t work at all and that was also why I went to see DR Shi,when I had Vitiligo. Since then I have been eating the Chinese medicine she gives me and having acupuncture done, and now on my back there are visible spots appearing which means that I am recovering, and only a month has been- so Thank You .

    Sarah C 05/11/2015
    I definitely recommend Dr Shi who seems to be very knowledgeable on health issues and inspires confidence.  The herbal treatments are excellent, I feel so much better. Now having acupuncture and anti ageing treatments which also work

    Veronika R 27/10/2015
    I cannot recommend Dr. XiangLing Shi from the WellBeing Chinese Health Centre in St. Albans highly enough. Having had a bunion operation 5 years ago with 2 subsequent operation to rectify problems including a bone transplant I still was unable to walk distances without pain and gave the WellBeing Centre a try. Unlike my experience with western medicine Dr. XiangLing Shi took time to look at me as a whole person not just the foot, ankle and knees; carefully referring to her notes on each occasion I visited. I have acupuncture and massage treatment every 2 weeks and she has each time been able to pinpoint with great accuracy and without me indicating the source of pain in my legs and ankles. The pain in my foot, ankle and knees and swelling have since treatment greatly decreased and I find that I can mentally cope much better and more positively – I feel calmer about my future ability to walk in old age.

    Dr. XiangLing Shi is greatly experienced and accurate in her placement of needles, accommodating the patient’s tolerance level of discomfort when receiving acupuncture. The massages I have received have also been extremely thorough and intensive, again successfully pinpointing areas of pain and tension and their effects are maintained for some time after the sessions.

    I greatly appreciate the treatment I have received.

    Anna Day 15/09/2015
    I am very happy with your treatments in terms of the herbs I am currently taking and with the acupuncture especially for my face and also I found your cures very effective in terms of my blood circulation, thyroid problems and energy levels.

    I do recommend your services to everybody.

    Nicole Moody 04/06/2015
    Thank you for a really excellent service. A session of acupuncture and massage do me the world of good and have immediate impact on my energy levels and general well being. My neck feels less stiff already after only three sessions. Many thanks indeed!
    I took my daughter to Dr Shi after suffering for weeks from severe migraine like headaches and weakness on her left side. After each treatment she improved greatly and now pain free. We are now about the third week into the treatment of acupuncture,massage and herbs and my daughter is well on her way to being better. I would recommend Dr Shi totally,  she certainly understood my daughter’s condition and is a very nice lady.
    Dr Shi works magic! She has become my magician, fairy Godmother. She has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and experience in her field of work and I honestly trust no other with my health needs as much I trust her. Her opinions and diagnosis mean everything to me as she has always very clearly explained what is going wrong with my body and why. She has also provided solutions for these problems and has explained very clearly what she thinks will help and how she will do this.

    Having always suffered with irregular menstrual cycles and seeing many doctors I was diagnosed with a condition known as ‘amenorrhea’ due to polycystic ovaries, I was told that it would be very difficult or impossible for me to get pregnant, that I would need to undergo surgery. One doctor told me I was infertile.

    I had no menstrual cycle for 10 months. I met Dr Shi during this time, I had gone to her for a massage with no prior knowledge about her or what she does. Simply by massaging my back she was able to pick up on these health issues I was having. It was amazing! She recommended that I have a consultation with her, during which she told me I would have a period within 3 months and within a week I had started acupuncture sessions with her and was taking herbs prescribed by her.

    I did in fact have my first period in August 2014, just 3 months after first meeting her. Dr Shi then told me I would be pregnant by the end of the year. I continued with the weekly acupuncture sessions and daily herbs religiously and did not miss even one day of her treatment.

    Here I am now 5 months pregnant! I still visit Dr Shi, now fortnightly, for herbs to keep me and my baby healthy. I have no words to express just how grateful I am for everything Dr Shi has done for me over this time. She is truly a magician and a wonderful Doctor. I cannot praise her enough and I have recommended her to many of my family and friends.

    I highly recommend Dr Shi to anyone who has health conditions that she has knowledge of. I believe that a consultation would satisfy anyone who shares their story with Dr Shi as you will never know where that consultation may take you. Good luck!

    After 1.5 years of trying to conceive I visited Well Being and had an insightful consultation with Dr Shi who prescribed daily herbs to drink and a course of acupuncture.  3 weeks later I was delighted to find out I was pregnant.  I continued with the herbs and began weekly massages with Dr Shi, all is going great and I am now nearly 5 months.  I feel like Dr Shi is my fairy godmother as not only has my dream been realised, I have had such amazing support from her along with ongoing consultation and friendly advice and tips throughout my visits.
    I was recommended by a friend to see Dr Shi regarding my insomnia, whereby following a consultation with her, I had a course of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and a facial massage.  I not only felt much better, but found Dr Shi incredibly professional, very pleasant and the whole experience enjoyable, to the point I am continuing with a monthly visit to ensure wellbeing.  I have recommended her to other people, who are now seeing her and benefitting from her experience in helping them get better.
    I first came to Dr Shi for general health and well being as well as support in fertility. Dr Shi has been very professional putting my interests and health first. She has tailored and adapted the medicine to my health to deliver the best outcomes. I have felt my health improve with more energy and am pleased to say I am expecting and now into my second trimester. I would throughly recommend Dr Shi to all those looking to improve their general health and well being.
    Dr Shi is a very accomplished doctor who is able to clearly identify root causes of your symptoms and treat them through acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She is highly perceptive and understands you very quickly, always providing good advice as well. I have tried several Chinese doctors and Dr. Shi is easily the best and helped me to recover well from a serious condition.
    Andrew Monro
    Have being having treatment for my serious walking problem and have seen a difference start away. Dr Xiangling Shi is very nice and easy to talk to could not recommended a better lady for acupuncture than her.
    Qin Huang
    I have recently visit the wellbeing for theBeauty treatment by acupuncture and facial meridian detoxification. After a course of the treatment ,I felt different completely . Tone on the face and bright . Feeling refreshing ,lively,vigorous. And I’m having the second course now! Very recommend
    Phil Willans
    I consulted Dr Shi in connection with a very sore right knee and I am pleased to be able to say that after a course of acupuncture the pain in my knee has completely gone.

    I was also introduced to a course of herbal medicine which greatly increased my sense of wellbeing and seems to have provided me with fresh levels of energy.

    I recommend a visit.

    Phil Willans

    I am really happy with Dr Shi at wellbeing with my treatment for fertility. I got pregnant afterabout a month treatment.I had tried years and given up then a friend recommended me of Wellbeing. I am glad to have got treatmentshere. I definitely recommend Dr.Shi at wellbeing.
    Mark Bradley
    I was recently treated by Dr Shi for a long-standing and very frustrating bout of eczema. For nearly two years I tried most of the standard treatments recommended by two GPS (topical corticosteroids, antibiotics, antihistamines…) then a several weeks long course of homeopathy, but nothing stopped the cycle of flare-ups or even seemed to be easing the inflammation – especially frustrating as it was down the right side of my face and caused my right eye to balloon. Then I had acupuncture for the first time last October. Acupuncture was not all what I imagined – the needles were as fine as hairs and are almost completely painless. I dozed off after several minutes and felt very relaxed when Dr Shi returned to remove the needles. Then she gave me herbs to take for the next fortnight. By the evening the weeping and puss had stopped and after two days it was obvious that the inflammatory condition was reversing. What struck me as much was how deeply I slept that night and on the two subsequent days I had acupuncture. Something deeply balancing seems to be going on here that goes beyond the eczema condition itself. After a week the eczema had completely cleared and has never returned. That was two months ago. I’ve since been back to Dr Shi for a few relaxing massages and also to show her that I’m now… eczema free! I’m now a great believer in Chinese medicine and have been singing Dr Shi’s praises to friends and colleagues.
    I have recently attended the Wellbeing Chinese Health Centre for a pain and swelling in my knee and right foot.

    After a thorough examination, Dr Shi proceeded to treat my problem with both acupuncture and massage combined with a herbal medicine to take internally

    After a period of 4 weeks my condition has improved and I am able to walk around with out any pain or discomfort.

    Like many more people in the west acupuncture is becoming more and more available and I personally have no hesitation in recommending this procedure and the professionalism of Dr Shi at the WellBeing Chinese Health Centre.

    Stephanie Salaris
    Hi all

    I came to the Wellbeing Clinic over a month ago suffering from ACUTE Hyperthyroidism but also had the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The western doctors wanted to put me on medication and i didn’t want to do that so when i found this clinic in St Albans i was very please just 1 month after regular herbal medicine majority of my syptoms have subsided and i am recovering step by step. Dr Shi is very helpful in her approach to wanting whats best for you holistically not just treating your symptoms with synthetic drugs like most practitioners do. It is well worth the visit and consultation if you are serious about overcoming your illness.

    Health and wellbeing to all those who choose to be well.