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ATCMA/TCMAAA online  college’s 1st English WeChat Lecture of 2020

️ Dr. Joseph Changqing Yang’s WeChat Lecture (EN) ️

📍Topic:  How to cope with Coronavirus (COVID-19) induced panic and stress reaction with TCM? 


U.S. EST:03/15/20 Sun 8:00pm

U.S. PST:03/15/20 Sun 5:00pm

Beijing Time:03/16/20 Mon 8:00am

📍Speaker:Joseph Changqing Yang MD(China), Ph.D.(Japan), LAc

📍Moderator:Louis Lei Jin, DAOM, LAc

📍Recording:Dr. Ning Wang

📍Online Editor: Xiyuan Qiu


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Yang Changqing, MD, Master of Medicine in TCM and California Licensed Acupuncturist. Dr. Yang graduated from Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1984, and received his PhD in Psychiatry from Kobe University in 1998. Dr. Yang is currently the deputy director of the Professional Committee on Psychiatric Diseases of the World Alliance and the CEO of the American Institute of Mental Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine. And established psychiatric expert offices in China.

Dr. Yang has unique experience and achievements in general internal medicine, especially in psychiatry. Dr. Yang is the expert in the treatment of schizophrenia, affective disorders and neurosis. Based on the Nei Jing theory, Dr. Yang proposed the shen-based acupuncture method, herbal prescription, mental health life coaching and TCM psychology, and provided a comprehensive theory and treatment system for TCM psychiatric diseases. Dr. Yang has finished the books for the 4 topics and published in 2019.

Hi everyone:

The current Coronavirus has the nature attacks human’s lungs and causing very concentrated phlegm condition according to the new findings in Wuhan City China when they had autopsy and pathological analysis. As TCM doctors, we have the way to handle this condition and plus we know how to maintain our body in a better balanced condition. I give you some suggestions now besides any formal recommendations as bellow:

1. Exercise everyday, find out the style you like and the mostly are the indoor type now, don’t making too much noises.

2. Drink clean water even the filtered tab water, and make sure don’t let you body feels too dry and thirsty, sip it. 

3. Sleep longer than usual days, and wake up slowly (you like it!, I know), don’t forget to breath the fresh air. 

4. Limit the time for watching TV, instead read some books and review your notes, also study something new, like herbs? 

5. Enjoy your kitchen and make some food for your family, especially try something new, supervising them.

6. Make some communication over the social media or phones to tell them what you have achieved at home. 

7. Sing a song and record it, then send it to your love ones and your friends, telling them you are getting better with it. 

8. Check every corner of your home or apartment and write down the findings you have to fix or repair later on. 

9. Clean your house now, just do it by yourself, you will be enjoying it and always with happy ending (personal experience).

10, Stare the ceiling and want to cry, anxious and depressive? if so, call me now. if get mad, contact psychiatrists right away.

The situation is difficult at this moment, but not our heart, we are not. Nature has a way in trending following it’s own cycle, we are paying attention and show the respect, calm the heart down, clear up the emotional ripples and do our best.




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