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984_1_bigEczema is a common form of allergic inflammatory dermatitis. It is often very disturbing to patients because of the extreme itchiness on the affected part of skin, polymorphic skin lesions, and frequent recurrence. Some people have suffered from eczema since infancy. They may have been treated with many types of creams and medicines, without improvement. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, eczema is caused by internal pathogenic heat, dampness, wind, or a mixture of these. The differentiation of these causes can be distinguished by observing the symptoms of the affected skin, the colour of the tongue and its coating, as well as other physiological reactions.

Different remedies are then used specifically to reduce heat, remove dampness, expel wind, remedy dryness, or cool the blood. This approach has been tried and tested for thousands of years, and the causes and effective remedies are well documented in Chinese medicine. Most cases of eczema can be treated successfully by taking several sets of Chinese herbal medicine, although some chronic cases require longer treatment.

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