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flat-stomachThe menopause starts when your body’s level of the hormone estrogen falls to very low levels and your menstrual periods stop for good. Sometimes, younger women need a hysterectomy to treat health problems such as endometriosis or cancer, and after the surgery they will enter into what is known as induced or surgery menopause. The main symptoms of menopause include night sweats, hot flushes, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, headaches, urinary frequency and vaginal problems. Although HRT uses prescription drugs to replace the hormones which the ovaries stop producing at the time of the menopause, HRT is taken only for short periods of time and is not recommended for women who have vaginal bleeding, suspected breast cancer, a history of heart disease, or chronic liver disease.

According to Chinese medical theory, the menopause is commonly caused by liver and kidney YIN deficiency as age increases. Herbal remedies can improve the YIN of the liver and kidneys and restore the YIN/YANG balance. It is a natural and safe treatment, avoiding the risks and side-effects of pharmaceutical medicine (cancer, bleeding, etc.). While the menopause symptoms themselves are reduced during treatment, the herbal remedies bring benefits to your general health and well-being for the future. Why not try it?

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